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SUNWINE estate is the continuator of the original viticulture and winery in Okoč.

Its timeless technological equipment includes company to the society of attributive wines of highest quality.

SUNWINE estate initials the wines by irreplaceable and unique way. To the character contributes the irreplaceable location of triangle southern Slovakia, northern Hungary and Austrian Burgenland. All wines come from recently renewed vineyards in Okoč and Rúbaň, located in the southern Slovakia wine region. Wine complex designed by Viennese architects deliver new architectural style that presents wine as a modern product 21st century. Winery is located in the picturesque surroundings of “Danube lowland”, in an oasis of peace and quiet near the thermal spa Veľký Meder.

Deeply ingrained closeness to the nature surely has left its mark in our company.


Excellent quality of produced wines and well researched positive attributes guarantee a taste experience, which you will not find at the other wines.

Wine is for us the life attitude that makes a sense of each wine so tell the various stories and diverse range of varieties suit any taste.

Our aim is to produce the quality attributive wines, which people like and it is our pleasure to welcome and to entertain our quests.

SUNWINE estate is a story full of dramatic twists and elegant turns, a story that continues to demonstrate that the best things in life are full of adventure and style.

SANVIN s.r.o., Štetinova 7, 811 06 Bratislava,
Prevádzka Okoč: Vinohradská 19, 930 28 Okoč,