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  • Tasting
  • Company events
  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • Family celebrations

According to the number of visitors we offer:

  • 2 tasting rooms, each for 15 -25 people
  • Cellar Maria Theresia, sitting for approx 30 -40 people
  • Conference room for 70-120 people

Based on the requirements can be arranged vineyards and cellar tours with the wine tasting or entertainment, etc.

At the request of visitors we provide one or more day stays with controlled tasting led by an experienced winemaker with a professional presentation on the history of wine, grape processing technology, archiving wines, etc.

For the lovers of folklore and traditions we provide cymbal music directly into the cellar.

For the good comfort and after the mutual agreement we provide in our kitchen for you the local specialties, quickies, platters.

For sporty visitors there are cycle routes, fishing in the ponds, shooting - gallery and swimming in the lake.

Combination of the above offers generates the possibility of use the exhilaration and relaxation of active holiday.

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Prevádzka Okoč: Vinohradská 19, 930 28 Okoč,