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OKOČ – own vineyards

SANVIN covers 24 ha of own vineyards in village Okoč. Our care of the vineyard brings healthy grapes with optimal ripeness and varietal character. Our vineyards produce rich and concentrated fruits with acidity and tannins that lead to longevity and softness obtained from southern Slovakia climate and environment. Grape ripens in excellent climate conditions. The base of exceptional quality wines alongside the rigorous work in the vineyard is the large number of sunny days per year and excellent soil conditions.

At the production of grapes, we place great emphasis on the environment. Vineyards are managed in an integrated production system with maximum care for nature.


Climate and soil conditions:

  • The annual average temperature 12,1 °C
  • The average temperature during the vegetation 19,2 °C
  • Sum of sunshine during the vegetation 3 400 h
  • Annual rainfall 450 mm

Vineyard is located on the Danube alluvial silt, where gravel and aggregates covers the thin cultural layer of soil, depending on the topography. High contest of Ca, Fe and Mn in the soil generates excellent soil conditions, especially for blue varieties.

Hot summers and slight wet autumn night offers an ideal condition for yielding of premium attributive wines.

Unique climate, continuous flow of winds and most unmistakable soil rich for Ca, Fe, Mn, gives the wines a high minerality and convincing character. Mentioned location creates a unique terroir for growing of blue varieties Cabernet sauvignon, Zweigeltrebe, Blaufrankisch and Neronet. 

Rúbaň – own vineyards

In the village Rúbaň, district Nové Zámky, SANVIN covers 25 ha of own wineyards. Mentioned location is different from location Okoč in all parameters.

Southern position on the loess highlands creates a unique location for growing of white grapes.

Slight daily temperature during the vegetation in combination with colder nights and moisture creates excellent conditions for formation of fruitiness, which is typical and necessary for varietal white wines Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Rheinriesling.

Our view is that consumers are more willing to pay the appropriate price for the quality and great taste. 

SANVIN s.r.o., Štetinova 7, 811 06 Bratislava,
Prevádzka Okoč: Vinohradská 19, 930 28 Okoč,